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On driving a taxi in Westminster

On driving a taxi in Westminster

If you’re going to be a Westminster taxi driver, a good place to do it is in Westminster, Colorado. That’s because Westminster is a very nice place. It’s not all run down and dirty like so many places in cities like New York and San Francisco and Los Angeles are. It’s still quite clean and very nice.


In fact there are some places in Westminster that don’t feel like a city at all. For example the path that runs along the Clear Creek river from Westminster to Wheat Ridge. I just love walking that path, because when I walk it, it feels like I’m somewhere way out in the countryside.


I must admit that it’s not much fun to walk that path in the wintertime, because there are no leaves on the trees then, and everything looks very washed out and gray, and the river is very low then too—hardly more than a little stream.


But then comes the spring, and everything changes. First all the leaves burst out on the trees again, and flowers start blooming, and the river starts swelling and threatening to overflow its banks as the snow melt comes down from the mountains.


And summer is the best. Then the leaves are all out, the river is still high (although not as high as in the spring), and the birds are singing, and the sun is very high in the sky, and man, it’s just a kind of paradise. Not quite as nice as being on the beach in Hawaii, maybe, but still it’s very nice.


During the summertime I like to walk up the path alongside Clear Creek to a place about halfway up, where there’s a cataract of rushing waters. I like to take my shoes and socks off, and just sit there in the boiling sun with my feet and legs in the water. Oh, that’s very nice.


And that’s why I like being a taxi driver in Arvada. Because, think of it: if you were a taxi driver in someplace like New York or San Francisco, could you do something like that?